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10 Top Tips for delivering a webinar with impact

10 Top Tips for delivering a webinar with impact

  • Posted on Friday, June 19, 2015

If you decide to go it alone and not use our services, we thought we’d put our top 10 tips together to help you out (we’re nice like that!).

  1. Consider your message carefully. What’s the objective of the webinar? Decide what you want to communicate and who to! Plan carefully – jumbled messages, no clear direction for the session and too much information will leave your view frustrated.
  2. Promote the webinar. Allow plenty of time to advertise to the prospective audience and remember to do follow ups.
  3. The webinar must be a good advertisement for your organisation. Poor lighting, sound and camera work will quickly detract and dilute the message. Consider using a professional script and a speaker auto-cue to ensure consistency.
  4. Immerse the viewer. Ensure that the viewer is completely immersed in the webcast session, using Live Q&A, and Live Polling, particularly if it is a long presentation. Using systems like iPresenter allows viewers to interact with the webcast, increasing their attention span and recall.
  5. Select your venue. Visit and test it well in advance. This of course could be at your offices; good broadband upload speeds are one of the most crucial factors and not as common as you may think.  Lighting must be good and there should be no visual distractions or obstructions.  Also check for any sound disturbances such as air conditioning or road works outside the room.
  6. An event or series specific microsite with registration facility will tie your event together providing central information and viewing point. Plus it should allow for analytics and easy follow ups.
  7. Set up your social media accounts to generate discussions and interest and invite your audience to register for the event via social media, scheduled emails and newsletters. Don’t forget your #hashtag as a way to encourage your audience to engage with you and each other.
  8. Pay-per-view monies may be collected during registration to help improve the return on investment. Don’t get too carried away though and ensure users are getting good value. Consider offering the first or a popular one for free to generate interest.
  9. Prepare your speaker/s for the event and ensure they give you their presentation slides well in advance so you can ensure they lend well to the technologies you have embraced and will come across well over the web.
  10. If in doubt, contact First Sight Media and we’ll do it all for you! Ok, we sneaked in a cheeky sales pitch but experience is king because when you’re streaming live- you only get one chance.

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Rich Belcher

Rich Belcher, Director

Rich is First Sight Media's ‘go to’ man, the in-house master of all things technical and personally specialises in all aspects of production from live vision mixing to webcasting, directing to script-writing and everything in between.

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