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Conspicuous Marketing Part 1 – Promotional Videos

Conspicuous Marketing Part 1 – Promotional Videos

  • Posted on Friday, June 5, 2015

The many manifestations of marketing strategy tend to be measured in a similar way. Whilst an impressive view from the M6, there is no yardstick to determine the effectiveness of splashing out untold thousands on having your company logo emblazon Fort Dunlop. With TV adverts, are people actually watching the program or recording it onto a hard drive to watch later (and inevitably fast forward the adverts)? If your audience is watching live, are they paying any sort of attention to the adverts or talking over them whilst boiling the kettle and groaning at the mild irritation of having their program interrupted?

The point here is that you get a more accurate measure of how effective your marketing campaign is if you base it on the internet; where the number of clicks, views and responses shows how many people are actually interested in finding out more about your products.

This is where video is paramount to effective marketing. Embedding a video into the home page of your website such as this, means that every time your website receives a ‘click’, your home page video also receives a ‘view’. This means that every potential customer or investor can be seen to have done more than just visited your website (possibly only for a matter of seconds before becoming disillusioned with the all-too-familiar standard page layout and having to find and read information on a screen for the 35th hour that week), it means that they have seen your video.

Marketeers! A video embedded on a company website is guaranteed to receive as many views as the website receives hits. Once the video is available to view on Youtube, not only will you receive more views, you have a URL weblink transferrable to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo, and potentially Instagram and Vine. The same URL can be sent to existing contacts, potential investors and consumers. In short, one video can be the rally-point for marketing your company or products across multiple platforms. Not only is this strategy remarkably effective, it is also very conspicuous; everyone will be able to see your marketing develop and you will have the figures to back it up.  

The importance now is to make sure that your website video is concise, engaging, and delivers the right message to your customers. First Sight Media have been producing internet video for over twenty years and can boast a team of creative professionals dedicated to delivering proven, effective video marketing solutions. Get in touch for a free consultation.

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Dan Burge

Dan Burge, Business Development

Dan has recently joined the Business Development team at First Sight Media. He has worked in customer service and retail management since 2004 and completed a research-based degree in 2011.

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