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Webinar FAQs

Webinar FAQs

  • Posted on Friday, June 19, 2015

Is it expensive to host a Webinar?

Surprisingly NO, the only cost over and above filming a seminar, could simply be the cost of a webcasting technician to monitor and control the live stream. The increased global audience numbers and interactive capabilities of the webinar make it very cost effective.

Are there any restrictions as to where a webinar may be held?

For a live webcast the broadband must meet certain criteria, such as upload speed and ideally be over a wired connection, other than that anywhere can suffice, even the clients own offices. First Sight Media will always carry out a site survey to ensure the broadband criteria are met, offering alternative choices from our venue partners, if required. An on-demand webcast is more flexible and as upload is after the event (it could be a matter of minutes) broadband requirements are not so important (unless you want it to be in a matter of minutes).

How difficult is it to plan a webinar and where do I start?

Decide on the topic, date and time. Your First Sight Media Account Manager will guide you through the planning process, from inception to delivery and offer advice and assistance as required, to ensure you can concentrate on the content and not think about the production.

Will hosting a webinar place a strain on my website/servers?

None at all. First Sight Media only use a single connection to our dedicated servers which then take the load, meaning your network is not flooded. All that is required is a single output stream from the venue then a hyperlink from your website, to a microsite or webpage built to mimic your website, importantly the site can then be hosted for as long as is required, with NO strain on either your website or network.

Are there any restrictions on the number of e-delegates, at any one time?

None at all, by using the First Sight Media dedicated servers the numbers of e-delegates is limitless.

Can we have live interactivity with the e-delegates?

Most definitely, from live polling, to live Q&A during the webinar with post event surveys and analytics, First Sight Media can provide an altogether immersive experience, ensuring everyone can contribute. Check out our iPresenter page for more information.

How long before an event should we start promoting it?

As a general rule First Sight Media recommend promoting from no later than three weeks beforehand, as getting information to your prospective audience in advance is a key factor in your events success. You may have a list of all the people you wish to view the event and First Sight Media can advise you of who has registered from the list to enable additional promotional e-mails to be sent to the remainder. Alternatively for a wider audience Social Media, e-shots and announcements on your website may be called for; First Sight Media can assist with all of these services and more.

After the event, can we have details of who attended?

Of course. Using a dedicated microsite enables analytics to be obtained, who registered, who participated and for how long, amongst others. Also key is that web addresses and e-delegate contact details are harvested, for future use. Part of the planning process is to ensure your First Sight Media account manager fully understands your requirement so they can assist you effectively.

We have developed some great software I would like to share with customers; what is the best way for me to demonstrate this?

iPresenter is the perfect medium for demonstrating the software live from a computer screen, whilst in a separate portal; synchronised vision of the speaker is shown, talking through the demonstration, its features and benefits. Used in conjunction with live Q & A, a fully interactive demonstration is possible.

Can I use my company branding so the webinar looks like a corporate event?

Of course, First Sight Media produce the webinar on behalf of the client and it is our intention the message is conveyed clearly. As standard First Sight Media produce a webpage or microsite designed to look like the clients’ webpage, branded and carrying the company logo and designated information, which is reached via hyperlink from the clients website. The e-delegate will see this as a branded corporate event from the client, which can be extended into other areas such as e-mails promoting the event, registration confirmations and webinar reminders, amongst others.

Is it possible to produce a live webinar from my offices based in 3 separate locations? I would like key personnel from each of my 3 offices to give live webinar presentations from their individual office locations: is this possible.

No problem at all, each office is set up with webinar capability, whilst the key personnel from one presents the other two offices view live and are able to submit questions. The speaker from the next office then presents to the other two and so on, a key factor being that the 3 offices can be anywhere globally, which is perfect for an international company.

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Rich Belcher

Rich Belcher, Director

Rich is First Sight Media's ‘go to’ man, the in-house master of all things technical and personally specialises in all aspects of production from live vision mixing to webcasting, directing to script-writing and everything in between.

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